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Ladie's Literary Club, Grand Rapids, MI., September 29th, 2000

Bert and Paul chat on 'the air' with their interviewer looking on.
Traffic Isn't Fun, Anywhere!

Today's a tough one: A seven hour drive, a radio interview, a bookstore performance, and then a concert in the evening. We arrived late at the radio station because of a bad traffic jam just outside Grand Rapids, but we still did a short interview.

Nice Sign!

After the radio interview we went directly to Shuler Books and Music for a performance and CD signing. The handful of people present witnessed our best performance of Beethoven's Ninth so far.

A wonderful sign announcing the Trio's presence greets them!
A very beautiful house with architecture not found commonly these days!
What A Place!

Tonight's venue ranks on the top of my all time favourites. -bert

Wonderful Venue!

The acoustics of the Ladies Literary Club are superb and there is a good atmosphere. This is the kind of place the CGT should play more often.

A beautiful concert hall!
The CGT have the best fans in the world!
Love That Audience!

The gracious audience at Ladies Literary club in Grand Rapids.

Significantly Filled Theatre!

I felt very tired tonight, and I was feeling exhausted, even on stage. -bert

Smiling faces all around!

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