California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Milestones, Rochester, NY., September 27th, 2000

Imagine their surprise finding this on the camera! :)
Deity Impersonations?

Jarrod left us a goodbye present: he transformed himself into Hanuman, the Hindu monkey-god and left this picture on Hideyo's digital camera. We dropped Jarrod off at the Albany airport on our way to Rochester. We'll miss his lively presence in the van and on stage. We look forward to our next collaboration.

Welcome To Milestones!

At Milestones in Rochester. This is our first time here, and we were again surprised that we had so many people come to the concert.

Milestones, a new fan base for the CGT in the making!
The CGT leaves a lasting impression on fans new and old!
Repeat Customers!

A lot of people heard us in '96, when we opened for King Crimson.

A Great Crowd Makes The Difference!

We felt Jarrod's absence on stage, but the generousity of the audience made up all the difference.

A cozy crowd greets the CGT with open arms!

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