California Guitar Trio
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Iron Horse, Northampton, MA., September 26th, 2000

Bert and Jarrod Onstage At The Iron Horse!
When It Rains It Pours!

We arrived in pouring rain at the Iron Horse in Northampton. Tonight is our last show with Jarrod. He returns to Seattle tomorrow to embark on another tour with his band Hanuman.

Welcome To The Iron Horse!

The audience at The Iron Horse. This is the second time we have played here.

A wonderful reception after the pouring rain!
The place looks a lot more filled than last time!
Word Of Mouth/The Best Calling Card

About twice as many people than last time came to see us tonight, so we are very happy that everyone from last time brought their friends along!

Introducing Steve Redmond!

Steve Redmond joined us for a few days on this tour, to help with merchandising. He's leaving us tomorrow as well. We will be a lonely Trio without Jarrod and Steve...

Merchandising by Steve!

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