California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Tune Inn, New Haven, CT., September 24th, 2000

The Trio onstage with Jarrod!
Pardon Us!

At the Tune Inn in New Haven. We had a fabulous meal at a Malaysian restaurant before the show and this caused quite a bit of "turbo-flatulence" onstage.

Creativity Rewarded!

One of the fans designed his own T-shirt: a photo off the Pig Cam on the front with the word Trio written over the top. Paul invited him on stage during the set.

Paul introduces the man with the T-shirt skills!
The Tune Inn, acceptors of all great music!
The Punk Rock Crowd Goes Acoustic!

The Tune Inn usually features punk-rock bands and some people were surprised that we played here today.

Good Preparation=Great Show!

The club-owner did a good job at preparing the space for us and we were glad we played here tonight; it was great. We were also glad that a lot of people showed up for a Sunday night show.

Yet another packed house!
Venturing into the crowd!
CGTrio Unplugged!

We went into the audience and did an unplugged version of Scramble as an encore.

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