California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA., September 22nd, 2000

Hideyo and Jarrod work frantically to make up for lost time!
Load Out!

Load out at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. We arrived quite late because we got stuck in traffic for several hours on our way out of New York.

Important Last Minute Details

Tune up in the backstage room, just before the concert.

Paul and Bert tune up with Hideyo and Jarrod in the background.
A very appreciative crowd greets the Trio
A Healthy Dose Of Fans Fill The Theatre!

Tonight's concert is a free concert in the rooftop lounge of the University building.

The CGT Gets Revived!

We felt exhausted after the terrible drive from New York but the good vibe during the concert "revived" us.

The CGT lives for these types of crowds!
The Trio, Jarrod, with Jonathan Brainin, and Leslie Delaunter.

After the show with Jonathan Brainin and Leslie Delaunter.

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