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Merkin Concert Hall, New York, NY., September 21st, 2000

A Really Nice 'Calendar Of Events' With Paul, Hideyo, And Bert Being The Largest Images On It!!
The New York Guitar Festival

The poster for tonight's concert at the Merkin Hall in New York. We are part of the New York Guitar Festival. Tonight's theme is After Segovia-New Directions in Classical guitar.

The Place For Guitar Tonight!

Hideyo is changing strings backstage. We share the bill,(and the backstage), with Tim Sparks and Virginia Luque, a student of the late Andres Segovia.

Nice backstage area!
What a wonderful theatre with stadium seating... not many seats left however!
A Great Opening For A Great Crowd!

A full house at Merkin Hall. The show is hosted by John Schaefer and broadcast on WNYC New Sounds Live. We played a short set for a mostly classical audience, mixed with a good dose of CGT fans. Tim and Virginia are brilliant guitarists and tough acts to follow!

The Audience Get's 'Tickled'

We played a very strong set and the audience was thrilled. Tonight was a significant moment in CGT's career.

A large amount of fans, new and old, cheer the CGT on!
The Trio with Jarrod and John Schaefer pose for the camera
Introducing, WNYC's Finest!

Groupshot with John Schaefer after the show.

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