California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Science Lab & King's College Church, Wilkes-Barre, PA., September 20th, 2000

That green slime can't possibly be that good for you!
CGT Promoter Or Mad Scientist?

We are visiting concert promoter and chemistry professor Rob LaDuca. He's taken us to his lab at the University for a demonstration.

A New Use For Green Slime!

He succesfully created a green slimy substance.

Jarrod and Bert show us the real reason for green slime!
Smoke like that would be a great stage effect!
A Liquid Nitrogen Steam Bath

Rob in his time machine; the smoke is caused by a mixture of air and liquid nitrogen.

Making Lava!

Rob mixes the ingredients to create molten iron.

This has got to be a dangerous profession!
Don't try this at home kids!
Ground Zero @ The Meltdown!

We watch the explosion and the iron meltdown from a safe distance. On Halloween night Rob will light pumpkins in this way...

What A Great Crowd!

Tonight's concert is a free concert in the University Church.

Free concert with the CGT?  What more could you ask for?
The CGT appeals to a wide audience!
A Great CGT Fan Base!

There is a diverse audience with CGT fans, die hard King Crimson fans, elderly people, students and parents with their young children.

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