California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis, IN., September 18th, 2000

The Trio with Jarrod and Tyler
Group Shot!

A picture with Tyler, who is responsible for our great gig at Kipling's yesterday. We are already talking about coming back to Louisville soon.

An Exercise In Patience

Today was supposed to be an easy 2-hour drive to Indianapolis but oh no... On our way out we hit a traffic jam on the freeway. An accident had happened and we could not move for an hour. People started to get on the shoulder and getting stuck there as well. And then the police cars couldn't get through either. Some drivers on the shoulder got out of their cars yelling at the cars in front to get out of the way. We listened to some good stuff from Zap Mama, and munched on Paul's Zen Party Mixed nuts from the health food store. After another hour of detours and more traffic jams we were on our way, straight to soundcheck.

Traffic is the least fun part of the CGT's tours.
Not too many empty seats!
Stadium Seating!

The audience at the Phoenix Theatre. A lot of people came back from last year's concert and brought their friends.

The Audience Makes The Difference!

In spite of a crazy driving day, and Paul not feeling too well today, I especially enjoyed today's improvs and the acoustic encore. -bert

An enthusiastic crowd give the CGT the strength they need!
Don, Sarah, and Jamy pose for the camera.
The Promoters Who Made It Happen!

We had dinner with Don, Sarah, and Jamy, who were the promoters of tonight's concert. Jamy is director of the Guitar Institute of Indianapolis.

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