California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
The Bartlett Peforming Arts Center, Memphis, TN., September 16th, 2000

The theatre looks big and modern!
Fancy Place!

The Bartlet Performing Arts Center near Memphis.

A Huge Packed Theatre...

CGT tours are very contrasting sometimes and that makes the tours interesting to me. The Bartlett Theatre is filled with an audience of all ages. We are surprised to see a significant number of older people today. Most of them have never heard us before.

Fun for all ages!
Several hundred new CGT fans clap with resounding approval!
...And That Was Just Half Of It!

Tonight was a highlight in terms of the audience. During Eve it was very quiet; you could cut the silence with a knife. Those moments are magic and give us energy to carry on touring for so long.

Jarrod Tears It Up!

Jarrod during his solo in Caravan. It's great to have him along; he adds a total new element to the music and the improvs have been a lot of fun.

Jarrod brings the djembe to a new level of expertise!
The promoters pose for the camera!
A Promoting Superhero Team!

We went out for dinner after the show with Rob, Kelly and Ron, the concert promoters. They put a lot of enthusiasm and effort into the promotion of our concert.

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