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Sutler's, Nashville, TN., September 15th, 2000

Jarrod and Paul, with Bert behind the wheel of the CGT van.

We went straight to Sutler's after the Borders gig. Sutler's is a bar surrounded by pawn shops, a billiardplace and poor management. Ticket price was to be 10 dollars but the club promoted it as a five dollar show.

I'm A What?!

We shared the bill with an opening act which was probably the worst mismatch in CGT's history. Their first song was "I'm a bitch", by Elton John. There was no backstage so we hid in our van outside until it was time for us to go on.

Here's the opening band on stage peforming.
Thankfully, a gracious crowd, inspite of the difficulties!
All's Well That Ends Well...

In spite of the poor set up by the club promotor we ended up with a very good show and a great audience in Nashville.

Nashville Warms To The CGT

It was well worth it and I hope we will come back to Nashville in February. It feels like we finally broke some ice in Nashville.

Awesome crowd at Sutler's!
Sylvia, Bert, and Paul, with a fan, pose for the camera!
Our Good Friend From Ryko Disc!

We are signing CD's and meeting with Sylvia from Ryko Disc Distribution after the show.

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