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Borders Grand Opening, Nashville, TN., September 15, 2000

Paul guides the Triple-A guy.
Wouldn't You Know It?

After an eleven -hour drive we arrived in Nashville. We booked in the hotel, unloaded our stuff, locked the door and left the keys inside the van. After forty-five minutes of fiddling and the help of the Triple-A man we managed to break in the van.

Welcome To Borders, Nashville!

We have a Borders promotional appearance in Nashville today at 5PM. We are to play a half an hour in the cafe and sign CD's afterwards.

Borders in Nashville is now open!
Paul and Bert get ready for the show!
Tuning Up!

Paul and Bert tuning up and doing a line check beforehand.

A Sparse Crowd

We played for a handful of real CGT aficionados and a few passerbys who stayed to listen. Although we've been a few times to Nashville we still are breaking ground here. It may take a while but we will come back again and again as long as there is a few people who like us. Thank you for supporting us dear folks at Borders!

An emerging CGT market listens attentively.

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