California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Poor David's, Dallas, TX., 9/10/00

This Place Will Be Smoking For A Different Reason Soon!
Welcome to Poor David's!

Poor David's in Dallas. Its unbearably hot outside; you can cut the air with a knife. The club smells like an ashtray, but at least its cool inside.

The Calm Before The Storm!

Setup on stage for soundcheck. Jarrod demonstrates his "windmachine" to the soundman.

Dallas Loves The CGT!
A Big "Howdy" From The Crowd!

The audience in Dallas. Tonight's our last show with Tony for a few weeks. I enjoyed the gig immensely and I think the audience did too!

Murrayvishnu Anyone?

A highlight for me was tonight's version of Dance of Maya.

Looks like it's nearly another full house!
Wish You Were Here!
Gotta Love That Quintet!

It seemed to me that the performance took off at times and that we are a quintet instead of the CGT with guests.

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