California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Cactus Cafe, Austin, Tx., 9/09/00

The Trio, Tony, and Terry pose for the camera!
Terry Bozzio, Drumming's Superhero!

We had lunch with Terry Bozzio in Austin. We talked about possible future music together. He is a legendary drummer and had many a story to tell about his tours with Zappa and Jeff Beck. It was an honour to meet him.

Standing Room Only!

Second night in Austin and a full house for the 7:30PM show!

Hmmm... This room looks familiar, with some familiar faces too!
These people seem to be enjoying themselves quite a bit!
Austin, Texas: A Mecca For CGT Fans!

We had a great turnout for both nights!

Even On The Last Day!

And this is the audience of the last show.

Roadies anyone?
Looking at this crowd, you get the feeling that it would have been packed for the entire week if they had played that long!
Well, It IS A Large Van...

Paul said that he would like everyone to pile in the van with us to join us on the rest of the tour.

Let's Hear It For Bruce & Leslie!

Bruce Stofft and Leslie Geballe did merchandising for us. We are very grateful for the help and support we get from our friends everywhere. Thank you! We would be nowhere without you!

Bruce and Leslie pose for the camera!

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