California Guitar Trio
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Mucky Duck, Houston, TX., 9/07/00

Jarrod and Tony prepare for tonights set!
The Quintet Lives Again?

Backstage at the Mucky Duck in Houston, Texas where we met up with Jarrod and Tony for rehearsals. Tony's checking out his acoustic bass while Jarrod is warming up. I was amazed how well Jarrod's sound blended in with ours and how fast he picked up on the pieces. We also decided to put more improv's in the set. We are now a quintet!

A Pumped Crowd!

We premiered for a full house at the Mucky Duck in Houston. It was a Success!

Moshpit Anyone?
What A Crowd!
The Quintet Wins The Crowd!

There is a story to how we ended up here tonight: last year we did a Borders show in town and one of the fans suggested we play the open mike night at Mucky Duck. In fact, he had already signed us up! We didnt have a gig that night so we played a few songs there and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to return this time around.

Sandra Prow In Da House!

A group picture on stage with Sandra Prow after the gig in Houston.

The 'Quintet' and Sandra pose after the show!

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