California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Paramount, Sante Fe, NM., 9/04/00

Sante Fe, home of coyotes and CGT fans!
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Coyote?

We stayed with our good friend Lynda Keen in Santa Fe on Sept 3 and 4. Her house is situated in the hills just outside of town. We were there for two nights. In the early morning we were "serenaded" with howls of coyotes nearby.

The Trio Gets Ready!

Soundcheck at the Paramount in Santa Fe.

Look Out!  Here We Come!
A Labor Day crowd, but they still dig the Trio!
An Audience Of Old Friends!

A small but enthusiastic audience in Santa Fe. Today is Labor Day AND it's a Monday night, hence the small turnout. But we enjoyed playing for many of our old friends again and it felt like a house concert in an intimate setting.

The Merchandise Team

Paul is signing CD's after the Santa Fe show. Next to him from left to right is Jeff, Helen Randall, and Chris Florkowski helping us out with the merchandising.

Many Thanks To The Merch Crew!  We Couldn't Do It Without You!

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