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Salt Lake City Music Festival, Salt Lake City, UT., 9/02/00

Paul's gettin' psyched!
The Return To Active Duty!

Here we are on stage again! Our first gig of this September Tour is at the Salt Lake City Music Festival. This photo is taken on the stage, just before the encore. During this month's tour we'll play 29 concerts in 31 days and will drive some 10.000 miles in our luxurious GMC van.

The Crowd!

A very supportive and attentive audience in Salt Lake City.

Large crowds, a trend in CGT concerts!
Mr. Elliot is backstage. :)
Everyone Smile!

During our set I noticed a person with a large cowboy hat standing in the backstage door watching us play: Ramblin' Jack Elliott!

Go Jack Go!

Here he is Ramblin' Jack. He played just after us.

Trust us... he's there!
There he is!
The California Guitar Quartet?

We had a chance to meet after his show. He told us: "I dont like to do outdoor concerts, I hate every minute of it and I just do it for the money". I understood his point because his music needs a more intimate setting. But I sure loved and enjoyed every minute of his playing and singing!

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