California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Youville Square, Quebec, Canada, July 9th, 2000

The Trio and Tony performing!
The Guys In Action!

CGT and T-Lev on the Youville Square stage in the old part of Quebec.

Go Away Rain!

The crowd in Youville Square. It began raining a little when we played, but fortunately the rain stopped almost as soon as it began. Even though it wasn't the largest concert, we sold more CDs at this show than any other in the festival.

Umbrellas open, as the crowd fears the worst...
A nice pic of the crowd and scenery of Youville Square.
Nice Place!

Youville Square. Note the old castle wall in the background.

Old Friends!

Our good friends Claude Gillet and daughter Maude Morin. Claude attended one of the very first Guitar Craft courses in 1985 and is featured on the first RF and the League of Crafty Guitarists album. Now Claude is becoming a very fine Lutenist and opened for last CGT show in Montreal. Maude was the promoter for our concert in Montreal and has just taken a job picking cherries in British Columbia!

Introducing Claude and Maude!

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