California Guitar Trio
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Plains of Abraham, Quebec, Canada, July 8th, 2000

A spacious stage for the Trio and Tony!
Welcome To The Plains Of Abraham!

Soundcheck on the main stage on the Plains of Abraham, a historic battlefield, next to the Citadel of Quebec. The other band for tonight was Tea Party.

Now That's Alot Of People!

The audience at The Plains of Abraham. This has been our largest audience so far (some 15000 people).

What a huge audience!
An exuberant crowd of 15000+ new CGT fans!
Was This Everyone In Quebec?

It still is a new experience to play for so many people. I expected that some of the quiet pieces wouldnt go over that well but on the contrary: Hideyo's arrangement of the Japanese traditional Rokudan was a highlight.

"Any Way The Wind Blows...."

During Bohemian Rhapsody the crowd sang along. In the last few bars the sun was setting and I felt a breeze as if Freddy Mercury's soul was there for an instant. I wished him peace.

Great shot of Bert in front of that huge Quebec crowd!

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