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Juan de Fuca Festival, Port Angeles - May 27, 2000

Ian, Dolores, and Doogie
Doggie Bowzer & Friends

Ian and Dolores and Doogie Howler, our hosts during our stay in Port Angeles. Both Ian and Dolores are excellent cooks and kept us well fed during our stay. Thanks for the great hospitality!

Just don't talk with your mouth full

Bert wandering the festival, deciding on Thai Food or BBQ. Or maybe he is looking for the phone.

Food or Phone?
Leader of the Bands
Talk about Band-Width!

Bert, Paul and festival co-ordinator Karen Hanan. Karen did an amazing job organizing the 80 plus bands for the 3 day festival.

Fashion Statement

Our first day at the festival, performing in the Masonic Temple. Very kind and enthusiastic audience. Notice the guy wearing the CGT T-shirt down front.

A happy crowd at the Juan de Fuca Fest.
May 27, 2000
Fun at the Juan de Fuca Festival

Another view of the audience at the Masonic Temple. Is that an angel coming in the window? It sure felt like it!

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