California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Willamette Folkfestival, Eugene, OR., May 20, 2000

A large crowd at the festival stands around the stage, listening to the bluegrass music!
A Festive Venue For The Trio!

We are playing at the Willamette Folkfestival in Eugene, Oregon. The Festival lasts three days. We are the headliner of the second day. Behind the crowd, on stage, is the band before us playing bluegrass music.

Soundchecks Are For Wimps!

We'll have to go on right after the previous band, without a proper soundcheck. Paul is warming up during their set.

Warmup before the big show!
Now that's alot of people!
An Attentive Crowd Makes The Night!

We played for at least 1500 people tonight. One of our pieces is called Pathways. It has a very quiet middlesection with a moment of silence before we hit the second half of the piece. The whole audience drew in to this moment and the performance took off from there. I didnt realise that the quiet moments in our set can be the most powerful.

What A Fun Crowd!

There was also exuberance: people were dancing to Beethoven's Ninth!

Dancing at CGT shows?  Sounds like fun!
Thanks for inviting us!
Gracious Hosts To Remember!

We went for a beer with Launa, the festival coordinator and her team of friends afterwards. All of them were very gracious to us.

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