California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
The House of Blues, Los Angelos, CA., May 4, 2000

Remember to lift with your knees guys!
Arrival at The House of Blues!

Here we are, unloading into the House of Blues.

Hellboy is all riled up!

Tom Redmond ready to fight below the "No fighting in here" sign. He sure looks dangerous!

Rumor has it, Tom used to be a bouncer in a nasty dive downtown in New York, but who knows exactly...
The House of Blues has the outside looks of a run down farm house of some kind, but is quite nice inside!
Welcome to The House Of Blues!

Here is the House of Blues located on the Sunset strip.

Appreciative fans and friends!

Somewhere in the back there is Kristin Gore, daugther of presidential candidate Al Gore. I think that the cute blonde in the front is Tony Levin's niece.

A happy crowd fills The House of Blues
An impressive crowd, with several 'celebrities' from the guitar world and elsewhere!
Introducing Patti Mitchell and Emit Chapman!

A nice crowd at the House of Blues. Guitarist Photographer Patti Mitchell on the front row and Emit Chapman, maker of the Chapman stick is on the 4th row.

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