California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
New George's, San Rafael, CA., May 2, 2000

Happy Hour?  Hardbodies?  Good Grief!
Tony Levin Happy Hour?

New George's at San Rafael. Tonight is announced as Tony Levin's Happy Hour. Find out what's happening here tomorrow night on the next picture.

CGTrio's gogo girls? (Not Really!)

Oilwrestling with the California Hardbodies...

Nice ummm.... poster!
The crowd really gets into it!
Exciting show!

An enthousiastic crowd at New George's.

More Happy Faces

More of the enthusiastic crowd.

New George's had a great turnout!
Their support has been wonderful!
Without whom...

Patricia, Tom and Chris at the merch table. Their presence is a great support to us. Thank you dear friends!

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