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Travel Day, En Route Seattle to San Francisco, April 30, 2000

Some of the beautiful scenery outside the van.
Mountain passes, ugh!

Today we drove from Seattle to San Francisco. In Northern California the I-5 winds through mountains for hours and I get carsick.

What a sight!

Mount Shasta. A few years ago we played in Dunsmuir, a small town at the foot of Mount Shasta. Paul had a new car and during that trip I left the engine running and locked the doors...

Beautiful Mt. Shasta!
Go Hellboy go!!!
Don't try this at home!

The drive today is more than 800 miles. Tom is toying with his guitar in the backseat of the van. Tonight he comes up with an amazing concept: The New Hellboy Tuning. Wanna know what that is? Loosen the strings on your guitar until they arrive in this new tuning. It is always best to play this as the last tune of the evening.

Introducing Tom's latest masterwork!

This would be the title of Tom's new song.

'Bald Guys Never Have a Bad Day', sounds like a winner!

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