California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
King Cat Theatre, Seattle, WA., April 29, 2000

A group of the BTV staff and others who came for the meeting.

Seattle, 29 April. In the afternoon we attend a Bootleg TV meeting. Steve Ball, "the guy with the vision", is making the peace sign.

Very Few Open Seats Tonight!

The Seattle Guitar Circle did a really good opening set for us.

Another nearly full theatre of CGT/Tony Levin fans!
If you look closely, you can see Alex, the camera girl near the back of the theatre!
Lights, Camera, Action!

Tonight's show is taped taped by BootlegTV.

The Merchandising A-Team!

Tom, Patricia Fripp (Robert's sister), and Patti Mitchell (Bert's girlfriend), are joining forces at the merch table. We did record sales tonight!

Record sales tonight, a credit to everyone involved!
Fripp The Sister, makes the night complete!
Brother Fripp Talks Too!!

Patricia with her brother's image in the background. She is compiling a set of tapes with Robert's talks from his Soundscapes Tour.

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