California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
The Cobalt Lounge, Portland, OR., April 28, 2000

A telephone pole serves as an advertising platform for a CGT/Tony Levin poster.
Tony Levin with special guest, CGTrio?!?

Portland, Oregon: the poster announces Tony Levin of King Crimson. CGT is at the bottom in small print. KC is not playing tonight but they are still printed bigger than CGT...

The Final Moments Before The Show...

Last minute tuning before we hit the stage at Cobalt Lounge.

Paul and Hideyo tune up as Tony looks on.
Packed in like sardines, the fans are still all smiles!
Next Step, Crowd Surfing!

The Cobalt Lounge was totally packed, standing room only.

What a Show Tonight!

The atmosphere was electrifying.

No More Room Here!
The changing of the sign.
Fine, We're Done Anyways!

On our way out, they are changing the billboard for the show tomorrow.

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