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Travel Day, Eugene, OR., April 26, 2000

I hope he's just posing for the camera!
Sleeping on the job eh?

Tom Redmond behind the wheel...

Country roads, Yeehawww!

We're driving from Salt Lake City to Eugene, Oregon. In Ontario we decide to take a shortcut. Some very friendly old ladies at an Information Center give us directions. We end up taking a dirtroad to get to the US 20.

Too bad the van isn't 4 wheel drive, shortcuts are nice!
Back to pavement driving.
Back on the beaten path!

The shortcut goes right through some beautiful countryside. This direction will lead us to a mountain road through the Cascade Range, and directly into Eugene.

You don't have to be crazy to work here but...

Paul and Tom after 700 miles in the van.

Paul and Tom show resourcefulness in their use of paper bags as hats.
Ahhh... finally, a bed!
Sleep! Sleep is good!

Check in at the Downtown Motel in Eugene.

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