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The Presbyterian Church, Salt Lake City, UT., April 25, 2000

The beautiful Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City, what a site!
A Beautiful Venue!

Tonight's concert is at the Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City.

Barbeque anyone?!

Our friend Pat brought his barbeque trailer to the parking lot behind the church. We had an incredible meal after the soundcheck. Pat is a barbeque aficionado and won many awards for his cooking. We met him last year at the SLC airport where he is a skycab at the curbside check in. We liked him and gave him a CD. Shortly after he had a barbeque contest in Colorado. On the long way there he played our CD. He won the contest and told us that we inspired his cooking. Sometimes we meet wonderful people on the road. He's one of a kind, thank you Pat!

Now that's a barbeque!
Paul and his nephew Brady posing for the camera!
Paul shows Brady how it's done!

Paul's nephew Brady is keeping us company before the show.

A full house!

The audience at our Salt Lake concert. Many of Paul's friends and family were here, since this is his hometown. At one point during the show Paul announced that he's gets a little nervous every time he plays in his hometown.

Many of Paul's friends and family in the crowd tonight!
What a great crowd!
Elephant Talk? Elephant Talk!

Paul played a ripping solo on Elephant talk and we received a standing ovation.

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