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Harry O's, Park City, UT., April 24, 2000

Beautiful, small, downtown Park City!
Next Stop Harry O's

Park City, Utah. Tony is staying in a hotel downtown. The rest of us stay with Paul. Stephen left for California this morning. So long Stephen, we WILL miss you!

Bar+Drinking=Noisy Club

Tonight we played in a club called Harry O's. Unfortunately, more than half of the people were there to party and drink and only about 40 people came to be part of the concert. The manager of the house contributed to the bad situation as there was a party before the show and he let the partiers stay for half price. After a few songs the situation became unbearable (some halfdrunk people were shouting at each other continuously during a game of 'foosball'...) Tony unstrapped his bass, walked up to them and asked them to quit yelling. They left shortly after. Most of the party people walked out later on but it was an embarrassing situation to recover from.

This was the extent of the advertising for the show, a sign in the door which says, 'Private Club Entrance'
It wasn't the best night.
The scene of the crime!

Harry O's after the gig.

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