California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO., April 22, 2000

Yo Jon!
The CGT's Superman

Jon Lybrook our webmaster, enjoying a sushibreak. He has been very busy setting up tonight's live webcast. Thank you Jon!

Did she drive a bus?!

Our third concert at the Boulder Theatre. After the show someone came up to me and said she brought 21 of her friends.

An ecstatic crowd goes wild in the Boulder Theatre!
The crowd can't get enough!
Word of mouth brings in fresh faces, new fans!

Thanks to all our fans who spread the word and the excellent promotion for tonight's show!

Steve Tilson's last day

Stephen Tilson's last gig tonight. Tomorrow he drives with us to Salt Lake City. From there he flies back to California. We will miss you Stephen!

What a great guy!
Questions were fielded by the Trio, Bill, and Tony
Any Questions?

After our show we did a webcast interview with Elaine Erb from KGNU. We took questions over the internet and the interview was broadcast live. In the background is Mark J. screening the online questions.

The Webcast!

The webcast was sponsored by KGNU Radio and Worldstream Communications. Worldstream had us start the webcast an hour early so people would know they were in the right place, but neglected to tell us it would be recorded that way too and is essentially uneditable. Here are some hyperlinks which jump ahead to the CGT Concert , or INTERVIEW You can also access the entire rerun of the web event, including webchat HERE Just be warned you have to wait over an hour watching Mr. Crimson and company chatting away before the actual concert begins!

The Webcast was an outstounding show!

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