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Breckenridge TV/The Underworld, Breckenridge, CO., April 21st, 2000

The Breckenridge TV camera and lighting guys
Lights, Camera, Action!

Breckenridge TV station. We did a morning show, promoting Tony's new CD(Waters of Eden) and our new Rocks the West CD. When we arrived we were told that we only had 5 minutes to set up...we sent the CGT's signal AND Tony's through a tiny Pignose amplifier as monitor.

Say "Hi" to the camera!

It worked well and we played four pieces: Scramble, Punta Patri, Waters of Eden and Misirlou.

Bert shmoozing with the TV personalities!
The beautiful Breckenridge landscape
The CGT goes exploring

Breckenridge is a ski resort. In the afternoon we had some free time to explore the beautiful area.

Well hey Bill!

Bill Jansen, our special guest for today and tomorrow.

Bill Janssen practicing, 'Backstage'.
At least the people in front new the value of quiet...
"Hey you in the back!"

The audience at the Underworld. It was a rough show because the back of the hall had cheap drinks for sale and the loud talking interfered with the performance. But in the front we had a very generous and respectful audience.

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