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The Jazzhaus, Lawrence, KS., April 19th, 2000

Stephen Tilson chillin' on the way to Lawrence, Kansas.
I don't think... Yeah, we're in Kansas!

Stephen Tilson is listening to music in the back of the van. In the background is Kansas City. The drives on this tour are gruelling. Yesterday we covered 555 miles from Atlanta to St Louis. Today we drove 256 miles to Lawrence, Kansas.

In Da Haus!

The Jazzhaus in Lawrence. Our show is at 10 pm tonight. Richard went home early in the morning. I didn't get to say goodbye. But there was a note on the van saying goodbye and please be safe. I could feel his presence during our acoustic encore.

Welcome to The Jazzhaus in Lawrence, Kansas!
A crowded Jazzhaus showing their appreciation!
An Energizing Crowd!

I felt physically exhausted before the show, but as soon as we hit the stage all went well.

All jazzed up!

A lot of support came from the audience. I also noticed there were a lot of people that never had seen us before.

A lot of people new to the Trio just loving it!
The OzMan!
"About These Long Drives..."

After the gig: Bert is talking with our agent Steve Ozark. We are staying at his house in Lawrence tonight.

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