California Guitar Trio
R O A D   C A M
The Double Door, Charlotte, NC., April 16th, 2000

The Double Door: Local hangout, and pub, and tonight, home to great music!
Welcome To The Double Door!

Load in at the Double Door in Charlotte(North Carolina). We drove 435 miles today.

The CGT warms up...

Soundcheck at the Double Door.

The Trio and Tony working on some of the 'surprises' that will come in tonight...
Look at all that graffiti on the walls!
Anyone have a pen?

The backstage is upstairs, and is adorned with some of the most colorful graffiti yet.

An appreciative crowd at the Double Door...

It was challenging to play here because on the left of the seating area is a bar with lots of people hanging out, drinking, smoking and talking. But the people in front were very appreciative and this made it a worthwhile evening. We will be back in Charlotte, but maybe next time in the Arts Center?

Another full house!

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