California Guitar Trio
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The Magic Bag, Detroit, MI., April 13th, 2000

Sold out again!?!
Yet Another Sell Out!

This was the sign in the window at the Magic Bag in Detroit.

Now That's A Sign!

Tony pointing at his name on the billboard.

Tony Levin standing in front of the Magic Bag.
Tony and Richard, with Richard's very cool guitar!
What a guitar!

Backstage at the Magic Bag: Tony and Richard.

Magic Bag was filled to capacity!

I have to give the audience credit for overcoming a harsh environment. The place felt claustrophobic.

This place was very packed!
The Magic Bag's audience was really great!
People at the Magic Bag were very patient!

After the show people lined up for us to sign their CD's. The lights were turned off in the hallway where we stood and it was very stuffy. In spite of this the show went over real well and I saw many a happy face afterwards.

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