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Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI., April 11th, 2000

Shank Hall's well lit signage outside.
Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI., 4/11/2000

Shank Hall, Our First Venue!

Shank Hall Practice

Backstage at Shank Hall. Tony and Paul are working on the bass part of Melrose avenue. We have a few challenging new pieces with Tony.

Tony and Paul jam it out backstage!
Shank Hall at capacity!
Shank Hall, all filled up!

Our first show at Shank Hall was sold out.

Shank Hall's great crowd!

After Beethoven's ninth people stood up and gave us a standing ovation!

The crowd at Shank Hall was jam packed into the venue!
Steven Tilson, merchandiser extraordinaire!
MerchMan, Steve Tilson!

Steven Tilson, our merchandise man who's about to face his first gig.

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