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Johnny D's - Somerville, MA - February 23, 2000

February 23, 2000 -  Somerville, MA
Johnny D Marquee

Johnny D's in Boston. We arrived early, set up our gear for the soundcheck and went for a cup of coffee across the street. This club has a bar area in the back with large TV screens. Our concert last October was accompanied by loud cheers from the bar attendants. They were watching the Redsocks baseball game.

Boon in Beantown

The place was full and we were in for a treat. I had been a bit worried because we just played here in October and I wondered if we were coming back here too soon. But the contrary was true! Tonight was our best night in the Boston area!

February 23, 2000 -  Somerville, MA
February 23, 2000 -  Somerville, MA
Bill backs Britney

Note the TV screen in the background. Tonight was the night of the Grammy Awards. In the second set we played an improvised piece with Bill Janssen. At the same time you could see Britney Spears singing on TV.

Radio Friendly

We did an interview after the show for a local radio station. One of the very few interviews on this tour. Who do you suppose is giving Bert the rabbit ears?

February 23, 2000 -  Somerville, MA

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