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Mercury Lounge - February 5, 2000, Santa Barbara, CA

February 5, 2000 - Santa Barbara, CA
Play with Trey

We did a show at the Mercury Lounge in Santa Barbara with the Trey Gunn Band. We`d been at NAMM all day and tired when we hit the stage, but the audience gave us the enrgy we needed to excell. Center front is Mark Perry, who helped us immensely over the years.

Plinking on their Feet

Paul addresses the audience while bert and Hideyo tune their guitars. We decided to stand up while we play, after Chris's suggestion at the NAMM show.

February 5, 2000 - Santa Barbara, CA
February 5, 2000 - Santa Barbara, CA
Master Disaster

Paul is chatting with fans and signing CD's after our show. This was just before we found out that all the copies of our new Rocks The West CD were bad. The CD manufacturing plant had copied the wrong master! The new CGT disc has a softjazz pianist-singer on it! We had just picked up 1000 copies the day before and forgot to check what's on it. fortunately we found out during this first show and Paul made an announcement to the audience offering their money back. Unfortunately some people had already left and some other people at the NAMM show have this CD as well. This is where our good friend Mark Perry stepped in: He offered to take all the faulty CD's to the plant and to take care of sending new ones out. If you happened to be in Santa Barbara after midnight and you saw two dubious looking fellows loading boxes into a minivan, be sure it was Mark and Bert. When in trouble one knows his friends. For anyone reading this who has purchased a bad CD and needs it replaced, please email Mark at

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