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Mixing in Columbus - December 17, 1999

December 17, 1999 - Columbus, Ohio
Rocking the Midwest

I am here in Columbus, Ohio at Brian Lucey's Magic Garden Studios. Our friend Brian has an amazing sound studio and is helping us mix down selections for the next CGT album, to be titled Rocks the West.

Post-production Perils

The recordings for this album were made during our Oct. 99 tour and taken from performances in California and Colorado. I go into greater detail about this process of selection and mixing on my diary page.

December 17, 1999 - Columbus, Ohio
December 17, 1999 - Columbus, Ohio
Mood Music

Brian has just come to tell me that he has listened to the version of Bohemian Rhapsody from LA show and really prefers this take to the one I had selected before from Ben Lomond. He said "It made me cry". This is good enough for me.

Magnificent Magic Garden!

All the equipment here at the Magic Garden studios has been carefully selected for warmth and clarity. And I am happy to say this is exactly what we are achieving. New in 2000: Look for previews from the new album in MP3 format in the CGT RealAudio Soundbooth!

December 17, 1999 - Columbus, Ohio

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