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Astarte in Rehearsal - November 15, 1999

November 15, 1999 - Abiko-city, Japan
Enter the Holidays

Enterance of the Abiko Civic Plaza in Abiko-city in Japan. Astarte is rehearsing here with a number of other musicans for an upcoming Christmas Concert. The concert will be on Saturday, December 18th at 2pm (details below).

Holiday Musical Meeting

Meetings before rehearsals. Left to right: Yuta Saito, Reiko Sakai (piano), and Eri Ishida (Concert Director).

November 15, 1999 - Abiko-city, Japan
November 15, 1999 - Abiko-city, Japan
More to Make Music

Left to right: Hideyo Moriya, Takayuki Kanda, and Megumi Nakanishi (vocal)

Happy Holidays!

One of the pieces we are playing will be Happy Christmas by John Lennon (Hideyo and Megumi are singing together on this song). This song is to be the last piece of the program.

November 15, 1999 - Abiko-city, Japan

Place: Abiko Shimin Plaza in Abiko-shi.
Date: Saturday, December 18, 1999 - 2:00pm
Ticket Price: 2,000 Yen
Information: Abiko Shimin Plaza Tel: 0471-83-2111

Order of the program will be:

1st set: Megumi and Reiko with Because
2nd set: Astarte
Grand Finale: Megumi and Reiko and Astarte play Happy Christmas

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