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October 22, 1999
KGNU Radio - Boulder, CO

October 22, 1999 - Boulder, CO
KGNU Radio

Our first stop today was KGNU Radio in Boulder where we made a live afternoon appearance with Tony as part of their bi-annual pledge drive. They have a very different approach to non-commerical radio, encouraging DJ's to essentially play whatever they want. They kicked off their pledge drive this year with a three and a half hour special featuring the music of Captain Beefheart!

Paying Dues

Here Tony renews his KGNU membership with Elaine Erb, their Music Director. In addition, Tony also donated 10 autographed copies of his newest book, Beyond the Bass Clef! Why does Tony bother if he lives in New York state? KGNU was one of the first radio stations in the country to be heard on the internet.

October 22, 1999 - Boulder, CO
October 22, 1999 - Boulder, CO
And now a word for our sponsors.

After our live performance, we all took turns recording a station ID for KGNU. KGNU has been very supportive of us in Colorado and has been instrumental in promoting our two most recent shows at the Boulder Theater. Thank you KGNU!!!

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