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October 15, 1999
Philly / Baltimore

October 15, 1999 - Philadelphia, PA
WTFX Fox TV in Philadelphia

Just finished performing on live TV. CGT was the musical guest today from 8:00 to 9:00am.

Richard the Leo-hearted

Richard Leo Johnson shared the van with us starting today until the end of East coast portion of the tour. A fabulous musician, Richard was the opener for several of our concerts.

October 15, 1999 - En route
October 15, 1999 - Baltimore, MD
Bluegrass in Baltimore

Appalachian Bluegrass store in Baltimore. Richard is holding a Taylor Guitar clinic this evening. CGT normally buys strings from this shop. Recently the price went up too much, however, so we need to consider an alternative to get us through the rest of the tour!

Lessons Learned

Paul and Hideyo enjoyed Richard's clinic, pictured here with Richard, the owner of the music store, and employee. Meanwhile Bert is meeting an old girlfriend in Washington, D.C.

October 15, 1999 - Baltimore, MD

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