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February 5, 1999

Borders Oxford Street, London - Feb. 5, 1999
Playing before British Royalty

Part of the Discipline Global Mobile UK team showed up for the London Borders show. That is David Singleton with the long black coat, Diane is sitting, Pam with the yellow shirt and Julie on the right.

We also did a radio show in London on one of the biggest radio programs in the country - BBC's Classic FM. It is a station that plays mostly conservative classical music, but they like to play our stuff to stir up the audience a bit. They say they always get a response, about half positive and half negative... especially when they let us play something like Miserlou!

Oxford Acclimation

Oxford street is right in the middle of London. Traffic in Central London is incredibly bad, the roads are very complex and the street signs difficult to follow, but with our years of navigating through the major cities of the world, we managed to show up early!

I waited until just the right moment to get one of the classic double decker busses in the photo, also you can see Hideyo on the right there in the black jacket and white pants.

Borders Oxford Street, London - Feb. 5, 1999

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