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January 16, 1999

January 16, 1999
Lamy, New Mexico - January 16, 1999

Lamy Train Station. Located about 20 miles out of Santa Fe, this is the place that inspired the Train to Lamy Suite. Across the street from the train station there is a restaurant (now closed down) where we used to have lunch an listen to an old country hillbilly guitarist perform.

Lamy bitter-sweet

CGT and Lamy Train Station

Santa Fe, New Mexico - January 16, 1999
January 16, 1999
Steer Clear

Roadside stop in Texas on Interstate 40 to Oklahoma City: Hideyo steers clear of the Texas Lottery.

Paul without Posse

Another roadside stop in Texas on the way to Oklahoma City.

Texas Roadside - January 16, 1999

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