California Guitar Trio
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September 5, 1998

National Public Radio's All Things Considered
features an interview with the CGT

Bert and Hideyo at NPR recording - 9/4/98
On the Air Again

This edition of the CGT CGT ROAD CAM Archive features some photos from the band's recording session for NPR's All Things Considered. The recording was conducted in Salt Lake City via an ISDN line to Washington D.C., home of NPR. Here Bert and Hideyo kick back prior to the interview.
Waiting for Godot

Being interviewed for a nationally syndicated radio program isn't all glamour. Here the band waits for some tardy tekkies to arrive at the studio for the recording session. Patience Paul !!!
Bert and Paul - 9/4/98
Paul and Bert - NPR Recording - 9/4/98
Good Show...All Things Considered.

Paul responds to questions posed from a remote NPR interviewer in between musical pieces, as Bert looks on. The show aired Saturday, September 5th, 1998!

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