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August 23, 1999

August 23, 1999, Boulder, CO
Shazam Zanmai!

Here we are having sushi at a place recommended to us by our web designer, Jon Lybrook, and his girlfriend, Bonnie Burge, pictured here. Jon and Bonnie were great hosts during our stay in Boulder!

Fishes at an Exhibition

The food at Sushi Zanmai (meaning sushi ecstasy) passed even the most stringent of tests, receiving Hideyo's stamp of approval with flying fish colors!

August 23, 1999, Boulder, CO
August 23, 1999, Boulder, CO
Boulder Rocks!

After sushi, Jon convinced us to go for a walk in this canyon along Canyon Road in Boulder. Gorgeous scenery! We typically don't like to exert too much energy on days when we have a performance. Tonight we have a live broadcast from KGNU.

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