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August 21, 1999

August 21, 1999, Boulder, CO
Boulder Rocks!

The marquis for the Boulder Theater, a historic old theater just off the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Our opening act (we're usually the ones doing the opening act!) was a very good English/Irish Folk ensemble from England called Equation.

Beautific Boulderites

We performed to a very enthusiastic crowd of nearly 500 people tonight. What a great crowd and a great show! Thanks to Mike Hamill at the Boulder Theater for having us!

August 21, 1999, Boulder, CO
August 21, 1999, Boulder, CO
Photo Op.

We nearly ran out of CDs on this mini-tour of Colorado. Our newest live CD, An Opening Act: On Tour with King Crimson is available only through DGM Records or at CGT Concerts!

Hideyo Speaks!

Hideyo speaks to the crowd about the next piece we were to perform: A traditional Japanese piece of music originally written in the 17th century in a style of music called "Rokudan".

August 21, 1999, Boulder, CO
August 21, 1999, Boulder, CO
Rockin' in Boulder!

This was the first time we had played in Colorado since 1997, so it was a real treat for us to be here. Mark J. of radio station KRCC in Colorado Springs was indispensible in orchestrating this show. Thanks Mark and thanks Boulder!!!

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